Below The Fold

By Richie Crowley

Publishing original thoughts + ideas only when I have something of quality to say.

Publishing original thoughts + ideas only when I have something of quality to say.

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the color is optimism

This week marked 4 years of sobriety. As I enter year 5, I asked myself a pretty honest question: Does sobriety deprive me of pleasure?My response, published this morning, feels less like a personal essay, and more like I am thinking out loud.


💀 An Essay About Death, Time, + Money

Travel by chariot through the Roman Empire, to the foot of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, and through the campuses of Stanford and Carnegie Mellon to learn how our ancestors embraced the ephemerality of life and used it as a springboard to living well. Read...


Sleep, Soda, Tipping, and Ambition

I encourage you to read Why We Sleep, or listen to Matthew Walker's appearances on The Rich Roll podcast and Huberman Lab.From these pieces, I've organized a report that includes fast, possibly startling, facts on sleep, the ROI of sleep, and the 11 tips that…


This Is 30: Financially anxious, healthy, and overwhelmed | Below The Fold, Issue #3

Last month, the most clicked link in this letter was about career change.This conversation continues today.For the past 2 months, I've been watching how organizations navigate their return to work.Some are remaining fully distributed, others embracing hybrid,…


How Much Interest Would You Earn On $5,000? | Below The Fold Issue #2

If you had $5,000 in a Bank of America savings account, you'd earn $0.10 in interest by next month.If you had $5,000 in Donut you'd earn $25 in interest by next month.I did not know this in May of this year. For the past 45 days, I've been deep in research be…


Today's A Huge Day For Dogs | Below The Fold Issue #1

I think dogs all decided to gaslight humans about 10,000 years ago