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💀 An Essay About Death, Time, + Money

Richie Crowley
Richie Crowley
I went to a comedy show at the Boston Garden last night. The performing comedian is beloved in the Italian-American community.
He had a bit about Italian grandparents picking out their grave-sites, caskets, and burial suits before death, and how they show them off to any and everyone.
It was familiar to me.
Also familiar was the physical reaction I had to the bit.
I froze, stopped breathing, then shuddered, all within a window of 10-seconds.
It was unnoticeable to anyone around me. It always is.
See, I’m terrified of death. I don’t have a good relationship with it. I panic at the thought of it. To me, it truly marks the endpoint of existence.
It sucks to carry around.
Last night’s reaction is appropriate for the essay I’ve been working on.
For the past few weeks, I’ve looked to ancient cultures to learn how they revered death, practiced meditations that bring awareness to death, and read books about figures of recent generations who passed early, hoping to learn, something.
Unanimous across each piece was the idea that death can be a springboard to living life well.
With myself as the subject, I invite you to travel through time and spend your Sunday thinking about death with me.

Disarming Death’s Authority To Live A Full Life
Travel by chariot through the Roman Empire, to the foot of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, and through the campuses of Stanford and Carnegie Mellon to learn how our ancestors embraced the ephemerality of life and used it as a springboard to living well. Read…
Death And The Art Of Living
Exploring The World of Decentralized Finance
If you read the piece above, you now know that I’m beginning to follow my intellectual curiosities more. One is a new medium of art, visual poetry, which is coming soon. Another is the world of web3.
Six months ago, I started using a Defi (Decentralized Finance) app called Donut to earn a higher APY on my savings. I published an in-depth piece on my reservations and the education that led to my ultimate investment.
At the time, I was getting .10% APY from my so-called high-yield savings account, and even less from Bank of America. My savings was losing it’s purchasing power to inflation.
Donut’s APY is 7%, 70x more than my HYSA and 250x more than Bank of America. Read…
A 6 Month Review Of Donut
Content For The Curious
If you use Google Chrome as your default browser, Kolby Hatch put together a list of 6 hotkeys that streamline your work. See List…
6 Hotkeys To Use Chrome Faster
In response to growing interest in the Metaverse, Inspired by Iceland released a genius piece of satire introducing an open-world immersive experience. Watch…
Introducing Icelandverse
In a future essay I plan to call BS on our individual responses to climate change, and blow past the shift to electric vehicles to highlight why we need to go car-free. Until then, check out what Ljubljana is doing. Read…
A City Without Cars Is Already Here, And It’s Idyllic
I have struggled with maintaining happiness. I’m guilty of tying my emotional state to my career. It’s an unsustainable, unwelcome, and shitty thing to allow. But, it happens. Fortunately, it’s something we can unsew. Dan Harris of 10% Happier joined in Dr. Laurie Santos for a conversation on how to be happier at work. Listen…
How To Be Happier At Work
What Did You Think?
Last time I wrote you I shared that I had just finished Under The Sky We Make: How To Be Human In A Warming World by Kimberly Nicholas and was writing a response.
I still am.
It’s called I’m Not Sure I’m Willing To Do What It Takes To Combat Climate Change. It’s humbling, and in order to publish it, I still need to be honest about a few more things.
Dr. Nicholas has also been generous with her time, going back and forth via email, answering some outstanding questions I have.
It’s coming, I just don’t know when.
With gratitude,
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Richie Crowley
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