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How Much Interest Would You Earn On $5,000? | Below The Fold Issue #2

Richie Crowley
Richie Crowley
I finished Adam Grant’s Think Again and took more than 100 notes from it.
Here are my 8 favorites:
  1. Intellectual humility—knowing what we don’t know.
  2. If knowledge is power, knowing what we don’t know is wisdom.
  3. Feigned knowledge is when people pretend to know things they don’t.
  4. Arrogance is ignorance plus conviction.
  5. Being wrong isn’t always a bad thing. It can be a sign that we’ve learned something new—and that discovery itself can be a delight.
  6. There’s no benefit to me for being wrong for longer. So it’s much better to change my beliefs sooner.
  7. When we try to convince people our first instinct is usually to start talking. Yet the most effective way to help others is often to listen.
  8. When we dedicate ourselves to a plan and it isn’t going as we hoped, our first instinct is to double down and sink more resources into the plan. This pattern is called escalation of commitment.
I wrote a short blog about Adam Grant, linked below, but today I want to highlight the results of a 45-day research project.

💰 I'm Earning 250x More Interest With DeFi
If you had $5,000 in a Bank of America savings account, you’d earn $0.10 in interest by next month.
If you had $5,000 in Donut you’d earn $25 in interest by next month.
I did not know this in May of this year.
For the past 45 days, I’ve been deep in research better understanding Decentralized Finance, Cryptocurrency, Banking, Interest, and more, asking the questions so you don’t have to.
My subject was Donut, an app on which users save, invest, and earn with DeFi, through Donut’s yield-earning DeFi investment products.
Here’s the story:
I’m Earning 250x More Interest With A DeFi App Than With Bank of America
🧠 I Probably Wouldn't Take Your Advice
And you probably shouldn’t take mine.
On a recent podcast episode with Celeste Headlee, Adam Grant shared his blueprint for receiving feedback.
I learn best through writing.
If I can teach it, I understand it.
So, I wrote a short blog about why Adam Grant probably won’t listen to your feedback.
Adam Grant’s Blueprint For Receiving Feedback
⌛️ Considering A Career Change?
I’ll share with you that I consider a career change on average 3x per week.
I’m simply that curious about and impressed by what people are building.
I subscribe to and encourage career changes, without shame.
It’s better to lose the past year or two of progress than to waste the next 20.
It was timely then, that I came across this thread from a guy named Greg, who after a 12-year investment banking career quit, moved to a new city, and hit the reset button on his life.
10 Lessons On Career Reinvention
📝 3 Things Too Good Not To Share
Bookmark and consume these at your convenience.
Americans have fewer friends than they used to.
Dispossessed, Again: Climate Change Hits Native Americans Especially Hard
Yes, All Men
🍻 Off The Rocks Is Back
For those unaware, I’m a big non-alcoholic beverage guy.
I’ve written all about sobriety and the alcohol-free lifestyle, and for the past year have put it on display from behind a fictitious bar called the Ticklez Tropic.
I’m now back behind that bar and 3 episodes into season 3 of Off The Rocks.
*Every episode has discount codes too, fyi.
Betera's Refreshingly Bitter Ginger-Orange On Off The Rocks With RickieTicklez
Betera's Refreshingly Bitter Ginger-Orange On Off The Rocks With RickieTicklez
💤 Time For Sleep
I’ve started reading Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker.
He was the guest on the episode of the Rich Roll podcast from last month’s letter.
Short of urging you, I highly suggest giving the episode a listen and his book a read.
With gratitude,
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Richie Crowley
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