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This Is 30: Financially anxious, healthy, and overwhelmed | Below The Fold, Issue #3

Richie Crowley
Richie Crowley
A few weeks ago I told a friend, well actually two friends, it was a group text, that I was “30, financially anxious, overwhelmed but gratefully healthy, and completely burned out. What excites me is not how I spend my time. I’m misaligned, it’s up to me to shift back INTO alignment, but right now I don’t have the courage to do that.”
In response, one of them asked me, “Well, if you had $1,000,000 in the bank, what would you be doing?”
Money doesn’t instantly solve things and you can earn a survivable, a thrivable income, doing what you love and enjoy most.
So save that - it was just a great prompt.
My immediate response was the same as what today’s would be: Writing, reading, researching my curiosities, telling story’s, making shorts and documentaries.
I moonlight for myself, writing on weekends, making videos for a loss just to teach myself how to edit, but I haven’t really pursued much of my true desires yet.
What I trust is that over time, I’ll slide closer and closer to alignment, and I’m cool with that.
I wish I was a “No plan B” person. I’m jealous of those who are.
But, anxiety, financial insecurity, and a slight fear of the unknown/lack of confidence are why plan B’s give me comfort.
Why am I telling you this?
I wanted to say it out loud.
I wanted to put it into existence.
I wanted to be honest with you.
I finally ended up watching Roadrunner, Anthony Bourdain’s documentary. Did you know that he was 43 years old when his book Kitchen Confidential came out?
Shit, I’m 30 - what a head start.
If I just keep putting in the reps…
Long ramble, short, a note to myself is to be kind, have patience, and send some compassion to myself.
A note to you is that I got things coming - congrats, you’re early.
But more, if you ever have felt the same, I’m here for ya.
You + me, we got this!

Would you visit to a remote-work resort?
Last month, the most clicked link in this letter was about career change.
This conversation continues today.
For the past 2 months, I’ve been watching how organizations navigate their return to work.
Some are remaining fully distributed, others embracing hybrid, few requiring a complete return. Among the noise, I’ve been playing with the idea of what a remote-work resort would look like.
The social interactions of a hostel, the amenities expected of a resort, the equipment of an office, and the privacy of a hotel.
This is what I came up with:
This Is What Remote Work Resorts Might Look Like
I may have found the sexiest thing on 2 wheels
If you read the above piece to completion, you would have learned that I spent a week in Brooklyn in July. It was there, on an evening walk through Williamsburg that I saw it.
The sexiest bike that I’ve ever seen.
The VanMoof is a sleek electric bike, with a range from 37 miles - 93 miles.
It has accessories that truly make it a car replacement.
It even has theft defense, which to be honest, I don’t know what means but it’s selling me.
Is it expensive? Yes.
Is it worth it? You tell me.
Meet the VanMoof
10 discount codes for non-alc beverages
As you may know, season 3 of Off The Rocks is in full swing - I’m 8 episodes in with 2 to-go.
This season I asked each brand to submit a discount code for viewers to use. These are not affiliate codes. I don’t get a kickback, nor do brands pay to be on the show - it’s a labor of love.
Anyway, even if you’ve never seen the show (linked below) you should have access to these discounts - so here they are!
  1. Three Spirit | OFFTHEROCKS for 15% | Online Shop
  2. Ceria Brewing | 15ROCKS2021 for 15% | Online Shop
  3. Betera | BETOTR15 for 15% | Online Shop
  4. TÖST | OFFTHEROCKS15 for 15% | Online Shop
  5. Hoplark | TICKLEZ10 for 10% | Online Shop
  6. Ritual Zero Proof | OFFTHEROCKS for 20% | Online Shop
  7. Gnista | FRIENDOFERIKA for 15% | Online Shop
  8. For Bitter or For Worse | HOTAF for 10% | Online Shop
  9. Athletic Brewing | TROPICS25 for 25% | Online Shop
  10. ISH Spirits | FRIENDISH for 15% | Online Shop
Do you want kids?
I’ve long believed that I’d be a good father. My love language is a quiet, action-based dialect.
Me picking you up from the airport, cooking you perfect sweet potatoes, or putting air in your bike tire, is how I say “I love you.”
So, I think I’d be a solid caretaker.
But, do I want kids? No idea.
And if I did, would I want to create my own? Adopt? Foster?
A real truth is that I loving having zero responsibility and complete sovereignty over my schedule.
Would a child interrupt that?
If so, would I then resent that child?
Cleo Abram, host of Vox’s Glad You Asked, asked this in public.
Here’s a cherry-picked piece of data from her research that confirmed how I am feeling:
“In many countries, including the United States, survey data suggests that parents are less happy than childless adults, and report higher levels of anxiety and depression. Researchers call this the “happiness gap.”
This doesn’t mean parents don’t love their kids or like being a parent.
What this study captured, and is important not to ignore, is that parents are less happy. What their children have brought into their lives in many ways is anxiety, stress, and financial trouble that they would not have experienced.”
Here’s the complete piece:
Do I Want Kids?
Do I Want Kids?
Learn something new today
Did you notice how I was honest that the quote above was cherry-picked data that confirmed my current perspective?
I learned about that from Sahil Bloom last week, in a letter that breaks down 20 common logical fallacies.
The Logical Fallacy Handbook
Can you follow me on Twitter?
I’m upgrading from iMovie to Adobe Rush in an attempt to develop my video skillset, so expect some content soon.
Until then, do you mind doing me a favor a following me on Twitter?
Here’s my handle: @RickieTicklez
With gratitude,
Alcohol-Free Spritz By For Bitter Or For Worse On Off The Rocks With RickieTicklez
Alcohol-Free Spritz By For Bitter Or For Worse On Off The Rocks With RickieTicklez
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Richie Crowley
Richie Crowley @RickieTicklez

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